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Some of my Low Heel, Wide Fitting Shoe Collection


Welcome back on this Fathers Day in June, six days after my 9th Month Anniversary back in the gym. The cooler winds and torrential rain of the last week indicate to me that we are going to leapfrog over summer and go from straight into winter.

As if seeing myself for the first time in my inch loss compare photos shared in this blog and knowing I will have soon have to start prepping and cooking Sunday dinner, I enthusiastically touch type this month’s blog with overflowing impatience and speed, bursting to get it all out before I forget anything.

I wonder if you can help me? You see, I am at a loss to understand why now, in my mature years, when I lack the frenzied sense of urgency to lose weight that so occupied every waking moment of my youth, my body has responded so favourably to exercise and rewarded me with not only

weight loss but health, confidence and blissful contentment. The process this time around has been slow, thorough and yet gratifying. I cannot write about the social benefits of going to the gym as for me recovering from DVT and two strokes meant methodical, determined tunnel vision. Tunnel vision does not invite conversation and I find it hard to conceal my annoyance when people interrupt my concentration with idle chatter! Walking on the treadmill has developed into a private sport that engages not only my mind but all of the muscles manipulating what I refer to as my “problem areas” without the need for dieting, jogging, spot training or weighing myself. The first blue ASOS Cotton Peplum photo was taken 16 May 2018 and the second 11 June 2018. The compare photo on the right Navy top and brown trousers was taken 31 July 2018 and the second showing off the hint of a waistline and a significantly flatter stomach was taken 12 June 2019.

September 2018 against June 2019

9 Month Anniversary Gym Compare

Photo 1 Taken 10.09.18 - Photo 2 Taken 10.06.19

While I get my head around the above and stare at my 9 Month Back in the gym compare photo, taken on the 10th June 2019 above – I would like to share, no, I want to show off my comfortable, fashionable, wide fitting low heeled collection and let my SHOES DO THE TALKING.

Swollen feet, the hot weather, weight gain, corns, bunions, immobility etc. can prove problematic when buying shoes. Mercifully recovering from DVT meant no longer having to wear compression stockings or tight-fitting socks to stimulate blood flow to my legs and feet. My next problem was how to source shoes that did not look frumpy, that were wide fitting and low heeled. Mum used to say “every disappointment is for a good” and I have found, what I consider fashionable, properly sized shoes that reduce and/or eliminates discomfort, prolonged swelling and supports my feet, particularly my right foot while wearing them!!

It is said that our shoe size rarely fluctuates with either weight or age but remember my self-esteem plummeting when I looked down at my feet and thought it unlikely that a pair of heels would ever adorn my post-DVT, swollen right foot ever again. Shoes allow me to express my attitude, mood or sexuality and I can change that message every day, or more if I choose.

I don’t know about you but for me, wearing heels changes my mood for the better. It stirs inner feelings of confidence and dare I say it at my age, “sexiness”. If you want to instantly lengthen your shape and straighten the curve of your posture heels, even kitten heels can physically transform your body. I am suddenly, taller, thinner and shapelier. Despite the pain wearing flat shoes secured with Velcro is not a persona I am ready to reflect. Not just yet!

While none of the shoes displayed below have the signature red sole which will only be seen when a woman flashes the underside of her foot they are cherished by me as if they were a high end pair of Louboutin.

“Flat shoes, black shoes, thump along like THAT shoes, wipe them on the mat shoes

THAT’S the sort THEY WOULD buy

But button shoes and bow shoes, pretty pointy toe shoes, snappy, cappy low shoes

THAT’S the sort I WOULD buy.”


ASOS Chelsea Ankle Boots

Black Top Shop Sock Boot

Ankle boots/Sock Boot are the autumn wardrobe essential for transitioning from Spring to Summer. I have found myself reaching for my classic ASOS Airtime Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots - Black (UK 9) £40 (Purchased 22.01.2015) – These are a stylish twist on the classic Chelsea boot. The elasticated area down the side which makes putting them on and taking them off easy. I recently purchased this pair of Black Top Shop Sock Boots from E-Bay as new - (UK 9) £20 – These are not only really comfortable but the pointed toe draws the eye down

and elongates the leg. Both ankle boots have a pointed toe and black is the colour that gives a classic look and will not date. Ankle boots look so good paired with this season’s on trend midi handkerchief hem/pleated skirts.



ASDA DIRECT Black Floral Jacquard Sling Back Shoes

ASDA DIRECT Black Floral Jacquard Sling Back Shoes (UK 9) £10 - This is one of two chic flat shoes that are not only practical but which I can pair with a very smart outfit without pulling the look down. These black floral jacquard sling-back ballets were a recent purchase from Asda (06.05.19) and a really great option for me when I do not want to wear heels or the swelling of my right foot becomes exaggerated due to the hot weather.

If you are looking for a great pair of bally flats I cannot recommend ASDA or ASOS highly enough. The elastic sits comfortably on the back of my foot. Although this is my first pair of ballet flats from ASDA I can definitely speak for the quality and can’t wait to take these with me on holiday.

ASOS MONA Wide Fit Toe Cap Mules - Black/silver (UK 9) (Purchased 23.07.2017) £18 - These silver toe cap mules from ASOS are not only chic but I wore them with this black evening dress. My fun silver handbag complimented the silver hardware on the toe. When wearing these I always get receive compliments that they are a step above the “normal” ballet. Many people that don’t like to wear flats have commented that they would definitely wear these.

Pointed Toe Court Shoe


New Look Pink Suedette Bow Front Pointed Kitten Heels

The pointed toe court shoe is smart, elegant, refined to elevate any outfit and polish off a look. This classic shoe is perfect for the corporate environment, easy to care for and transitions seamlessly from work to evening. Perfect for special occasions. A workwear classic is the black pointed toe court shoes. I have two classic pairs - Evans Navy Blue Kitten Heel Pointed Court Shoes (UK8 EEE) £28.00 (above on the right) and in Dorothy Perkins Black Dakota Court Shoe (UK 9) £20.00 (Purchased 26.03.18) - (above on the left). Both are wide fitting with the obligatory low heel. You can't go wrong with classic court shoes. The pointed-toe front and 2-inch stiletto-heel make for easy transition from the office to evening wear. New Look Pink Suedette Bow Front Pointed Kitten Heels (UK 9) £22.99 (Purchased 11.05.18) - This pink pair of kitten heels have the bow detail for the corporate look. These shoes are very easy to maintain and perfect for the summer, special occasions like a wedding.


Sling-backs particularly in the warmer weather are great alternative and allow your feet to breathe. Pointed toe sling-backs have a leg lengthening effect. Joanna Hope Blue Floral Sling back Court Shoe E Wide Fit (Heel: 23/8 inch) £35 These classy kitten heel sling-backs are a great finishing touch to any outfit for a special occasion or a stylish way to elevate a pair of jeans and white Tee. The colours on the shoes are subtle and I could wear any of the colours on the shoe and would elevate a pair of blue washed jeans. The outfit would have to be simple merely a background to these sling-backs. For more formal events like a wedding I could not resist the matching bag.

Joanna Hope Polka Dot Sling Back Court Shoe E Wide Fit (Heel: 23/8 inch) £35 - Your feet will do the talking when wearing these stylish kitten heel sling-backs with any outfit for a special occasion or swap out your pointed toe court shoe with these polka dot sling-backs to dress up any mono chrome outfit for the office.

Sling back kitten heels wide fitting shoes more comfortable if you have bunions corns or simply wide feet I am on the look for a pair of over the knee boots that has a low heel, is wide fitting and will span the width of my calves.


Based on the Gucci classic design I opted for a pair of these from the men’s section they are the type the gold detail across the band have a masculine edge pair with jeans or trousers.

MENS ASOS Backless Mule Loafer

MENS ASOS Backless Mule Loafer in black faux leather with croc effect (UK 9) £25.00 I could not resist these and just had to add them to my collection. A quick wipe with a damp cloth makes them low cost and low maintenance.

FashionWorld Alma Trim Detail Loafers Extra Wide EEE Fit (UK 8) £30 – I have the patent, suede and this trim detail pair in the classic style loafer. Timeless.

Fifty Plus White Cloe Stud Buckle Leather Loafer Wide E Fit (UK 8) Paid £24.59 (RRP £35) – These were on sale for only 24 hours and the leather is like butter. I do have to undo the buckle to slip my right foot in but once they are on they are gorgeous.


I love the fact that they come up so high on the front which means no scrunching your toes to keep them on once they have stretched. Black Margo Kitten Heel Mule Extra Wide EEE Fit (UK 9) £19.50 – There are so many options and variations on this type of shoe. I love that these Black mules have a kitten heel which is part of their appeal and a must for me. Easy to walk in and simple pairing with so many outfits and incredibly chic paired with jeans to add that feminine touch.


FashionWorld White Willow Chunky Cage Wide E Fit Sandal

FashionWorld White Willow Chunky Cage Wide E Fit Sandal (UK 8) £25 - These white chunky cage block heel sandals is a no brainer, goes effortlessly with everything and very on trend. This summer, fresh white is the colour to have. A chunky block heel means they are comfortable for walking, practical and look amazing with dresses and skirts. The wide elastic attached to the buckle means the strap and buckle are guaranteed to meet around my swollen ankle. Try to avoid doing them up too tight they will not look flattering by the end of the day when it has cut off your blood supply. Travelling on public transport to and from the office means I dread the thought of someone stepping on my toes and most of my shoes closed in for that very reason. The sole of these sandals, however, are robust and thick so do not think I will have that problem wearing these.

JD Williams Wedge Espadrille Singback Sandals Extra Wide EEE Fit

JD Williams Wedge Espadrille Singback Sandals Extra Wide EEE Fit - £20 (Heel: 2 1/4in) - These espadrille-style must have summer black wedges offer the ideal combination of both style and comfort while the adjustable sling-back strap gives the perfect custom fit to my feet.

FashionWorld Teal Diamonte Kitten Heel Satin Sandals

Extra Wide EEE Fit - (UK 9) £35 (Purchased 12.10.2018) – I remember wearing these shoes to a ball, dancing all night and going home with what I can only refer to as “happy feet”.


Try chunky and classic pairs of trainers both with dressy options and more comfortable outfits at the weekend.

SimplyBe White Ellis Lace Up Pumps Extra Wide EEE Fit Side (UK 8) £16 - The athleisure trend is here to stay - add a pair of these canvas lace- ups with silver contrast detailing at the back to your collection to be comfortable but stylish this season. I have covered these comfortable

chunky trainers in my April’s blog (photo to the right).

June 2019 Compare Photo


06.10.18 - Dress Unzipped -V- 16.06.19 - Dress Zipped Up

UPDATE: If I had a penny for each time I am asked why since embarking on this journey, I do not weigh myself I would be on the “Forbes Most Rich List”. What is often overlooked is the psychological aspect, of weight loss which is just as important as exercise. I made a conscious decision when I embarked on this journey to remove any pointless mental anxiety that could negatively impact neurotransmitters in the brain and ignite the chemical process that influences my mood, thinking, appetite and the way my body reacts to temptations. I would not revert to habits of the past when I would stress myself out about what numbers are going to flash up at me when I step onto the scales and/or suffer the inevitable disappointment that results when that number does not reflect the efforts I know I have put in. Instead, I focused all of my efforts in regularly attending the gym and fighting the urge to remain on the bus and just go straight home. Any form of depression, no matter how mild, causes your body to release the hormone cortisol, which makes us crave comfort food. For me, a glass or two of red wine would be my choice of therapy or comfort. All those extra empty calories are then ultimately stored in my body, in the form of – yes you guessed it, belly fat. I elected instead of weighing myself to have what I refer to as my tape measure dress, which I purchased determined to fit into and eventually wear. I share my compare photos on social media to echo the proverb “seeing is believing”. The photos on the left were taken on 06.10.18 and remember "thinking this will never fit" when the zip could not go up. The photos on the right were taken 15.06.19 where not only is the dress zipped up but I see the emergence of my waist. Compare photos not only makes me smile each time I look at it but is a stark reminder of how far I have come in 9 months.

CONCLUSION: Next time the social season would have kicked off in earnest with the Pastel and White Summer Ball at the end of the month and I look forward to sharing my 9-5 Ensemble/Look book featuring outfits from ASDA Direct Online, the quality, durability and fit for plus size women. Whether my first plus size purchases from La Redoute are worth the price tag. Share swimming costumes I purchased back in 2015 that I am working hard to fit into and wear in time for September and last but not least share how much I am enjoying looking my absolute best each and every day. Until next time remember "Life begins at the END of your COMFORT ZONE". X


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