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Apartment Bedroom Centre Parcs Sherwood Forest Nottingham


Ordinarily, I would be going half-crazy by now asking where is spring and when are we going to shake off this cold Siberian weather? Defiantly, my Easter Break at Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest in Nottingham hears me say BRING IT ON!! The reoccurring cold weather is all the excuse I need to light up a crackling log, snuggle down sipping a glass of full bodied red or chilled Prosecco while simultaneously losing myself in the amber flickering flame of the open fire place.

Whenever my family and I holidayed at Center Parcs, (hereinafter lovingly referred to as "CP") which was at least once a year for over 25 years, we would need a minimum of 3 bedrooms. Now in my mature years with the children and grandchildren traveling the world my partner and I are happy in an apartment, daily maid service and our own private parking space just outside the apartment block. A break at CP, pats you on the back for all the years you gave so generously of your time, irrespective of the pressures or workload. At CP I am off duty.

Center Parcs Sherwood Forest Sign

I have been fortunate to have been able to travel extensively over the years but no holiday excites me more than the night before driving up the Motorway to CP. The moment I see the welcoming "CentreParcs Sherwood Forest" sign I exhale, my shoulders go down and the magic begins.

Sherwood Forest Woodland

As the boundary between the main road and the forest blur in the rear-view mirror, the designated 5mph scenic drive among the trees causes fond memories, of family holidays past to whirl lovingly around in my head.

Screams of delight in the back seat as we pull up to the check-in lodges. The hearty rich sound of laughter from my children and grandchildren emanating from their bedrooms or the lounge long into the wee small hours. With cold weather forecast for this 2018 Easter Weekend, lush green leaves will glisten with overnight frost and emotion will grip my throat as once again I give thanks that I have overcome illness and am here yet again.

At CP there is no ambiguity. Solace, cosy, relaxation, contentment, calm, well-being and recharge are all words synonymous with this little “peace” of heaven on earth if you would excuse the pun.

Reserved Parking Apartment No. 919

When staying in a Villa, from the moment you unload and return your car to the car park, you will not see it again for the duration of your stay. At CP the only mode of transport for visitors is to cycle or to walk. At the apartment we have our own designated car parking space.

Traditionally, from the moment I turn off the

Twin Sink Bathroom Apartment No.919

engine of the car that has safely transported us to CP, my work is done. My partner will unpack the car, pack the Villa and run me a piping hot candlelit bath.

As I slip beneath those bubbles, despite all initial protestations, the heat of the water slows my pulse, the adrenalin disperses and forces my body to give up the fight before restoring the supple elasticity in every taught muscle.

Unconventionally, at CP my 24 hour day has suddenly become manageable. Free from any distraction, I am at liberty, to indulge in all the things I have little or no time for during the 5 day a week 9-5 grind! Here, I can stagger towards and collapse onto my bed wrapped in a bath towel, and lay still long enough to cool down and dry off naturally. Here I have time for that special someone to massage warm oil into my idyllic, limp comatose body. I know that deciding when to have a bath run will be the extent of my exertion until it’s time to drive down the motorway home. Here at CP I have time to stick to my beauty regime and religiously apply my serums before going to bed. After texting the family to let them know we have arrived safely, my Iphone is blissfully turned to silent mode.

Morning has Broken at Center Parcs


On my first morning at CP I don't throw back the covers and scamper out of bed, no no no - I stir gently from a stress-free sleep snug in my new pyjamas with a tentative stretch and a soft sigh. I am never in a hurry to extricate myself from the sumptuous bed.

The first morning I lay propped up against the pillows waiting for the sound of persistent aggressive beeping of car horns, deafening buses or lorries roaring by or screaming children, but it doesn’t come. I lay there absorbing the silence allowing my mind to play catch-up, until the fog clears and I realise where I am as the squawk of the ducks ring out like a bell.

Sipping coffee from my favourite mug I could not travel without, I slide back the floor to ceiling patio doors and drink in the intoxicating beauty of a forest I have visited so many times in the past and yet once again I am in awe as if seeing it for the very first time. Maybe the changes and experiences of life have given me clarity of vision and an appreciation of my surroundings. My concentration is only broken when my stomach signals that it is time for my indulgent choice of breakfast - Smoked Salmon, scrambled eggs, warm bread rolls washed down with bucks fizz back in the day and now a bottle of Prosecco perfectly chilled overnight from the wine cooler. Sunday morning breakfast demands a visit to The Pancake House. Even if your let your imagination run wild you could not come up with the unlimited range of toppings that they serve.

Vlogging/Social Media - Social media means that I can now Vlog everyday in the hope that when you settle down of an evening with your favourite tipple, you can tune in and immerse yourself into the landscape of mother nature and events of our day.

CONCLUSION: Centre Parcs is addictive, it will capture your soul and hold it captive for a long time to come. So come on, Pack with me as I grab my ride or die logo and Plain T-Shirts, oversized sweatshirt, boyfriend Jeans, skinny Jeans, harem or wide legged trousers, trainers, faux fur/fleece lined slippers/slipper socks, rain mack, wellingtons, new PJ’s (one for every day), super soft oversized dressing gown, seamless comfortable bras, roll neck jumpers, download a 30 hour Audio blockbuster and a lacy black camisole to throw over my skinny jeans elevated with my new pointed low heeled pumps for the one evening I can bear to tear myself away from the log fire and eat out. See you when I get back. Happy Easter. X


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