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Moisturiser & Perfume


Put body moisturiser in your hand and pour/spray the Eau de Toilette fragrance/perfume on top of the moisturiser - rub your hands together and liberally spread all over your arms and upper part body focusing on your neck.

Moisturiser mixed together with perfume

You will be pleasantly surprised how intensified and long lasting the fragrance will be on your skin without the need for topping up during the day. The idea came to me many years ago when The Body Shop stopped selling a perfumed oil called Ananyah. The small bottle was a little pricey (£5 back then) but it was a one of a kind product that intensified throughout the day and particularly when your body became warm.

This Versace was a free sample from Superdrugs that I utilised in this way and the sample lasted over two weeks.


Dove Summer Glow Self Tanning Cream

I know, I am black and using self-tanning cream! Trust me it works! If I am to attend a function and my shoulders are going to be exposed, I start moisturising my upper body and arms with Dove Summerglow Self-Tanning Cream (Medium/Dark) to even out my skin tone. The night of the event Dove becomes my moisturiser I use the very same process as above, only using a luxury perfume like Lady Million or that classic Poeme. I squirt it into my hand on top of the Dove cream, rub my hands together and apply to my arms and upper body. My skin is not only moisturised, smooth and shimmering in the light but the subtle bouquet caressing my arms neck and shoulders becomes further intensified as I dance, not to mention the scented trail I leave behind for others to inhale whenever I walk by.

Foundation Oxidising


Oxidation occurs when foundation is applied to the skin in the traditional way, is exposed to the oxygen in the air and just like apples or avocados’ for example become a shade or two darker or more orange soon after applying or throughout the course of the day. I have found using my 3 in 1 method detailed in my blog “Workday Quick & Easy Makeup Tutorial” and mixing it in the lid of compact it seems to put the air into the mixture so that you can see the final shade before applying to your face. For me using this method none of my foundations have oxidised after application or throughout the day.

The Body Shop Foundation Adjusting Drops


For those of us who have over the years amassed bottles of almost right shades of foundation or foundations that oxidise (see above) the antidote to rectify this has arrived, meaning any foundation that is not out of date no longer needs to be relegated or thrown away. There are various brands of Adjusting Drops but I can only speak about The Body Shop as that is the brand I use.

Lightening Drops – should be used when your foundation is too dark or orange. The Body Shop claim that the “white and pink pigments in the Lightening Drops helps neutralise yellowness while lightening”. My problem is that instruction only appear to be given for use with “light to medium foundation shades

1 drop = ½ a shade lighter

I have played around with these drops in my dark foundation shades and using my 3 in 1 method detailed in my blog “Workday Quick & Easy Makeup Tutorial” you can add the amount you think appropriate (to a maximum of one drop) to lighten the shade of your foundation to your own specification and mix everything together.

Darkening Drops - should be used to darken dark to deep foundation shades. The Body Shop Claim that the "black and red pigments in our Darkening Drops helps darken while keeping the natural depth". ..."The Darkening Drops can transform an “almost right” foundation shade into the perfect one".

1 drop = ½ a shade darker

I have read reviews where consumers have been “disappointed” with the performance of these drops only to discover that their expectations was not for an “adjustment” of the foundation shade but to transform the foundation into 3 or 4 shades lighter/darker. I have looked at The Body Shop website and understand their disappointment as the word "Transform" is clearly used for both the lightening and darkening drops.

CONCLUSION: Please be aware these "adjusting" drops correct, fine-tune, bend, amend, modify or tweak an "almost right" foundation and I have found do not alter, vary, transform foundation without looking ashy. The recommended amount in both instances is 1 drop which equals a maximum ½ a shade darker or lighter.

KTC Rose Water


I have blogged in my “Workday Quick & Easy Makeup Tutorial” that I keep a spray bottle of rose water in the fridge and often use it as a setting spray to set fix my makeup. Since writing that blog I have researched and discovered additional benefits of using Rose Water (£1 Asda).

Rose Water helps to maintain your skin’s pH balance, fight acne, dermatitis, eczema - strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues.

Rose Water hydrates, revitalizes, moisturizes and smooth the skin. It also has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties - revitalizes aging skin and keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay

Rose Water aids the healing process of scars, cuts and wounds, cools the skin and tones the skin (which is probably why it is applied to my face after every session of eyebrow threading).

Maybelline Brow Drama Dark Brown


Using a brow wand start at the outer end of the brow and with a light touch drag the wand across the grain of your brows inwards towards the bridge of your nose. Not only does the friction cause your brows to pick up more product but it lessens the chances of smudges or mistakes. Sorry but with your eyebrows bushy and standing up you will have to mimic a warewolf just long enough for the product to dry. Use Rose Water or a setting spray and set your face in the usual way whilst your bushy brows stand on edge. Then, once dry take a spooly (again with a light hand) and brush your eyebrows into place. The shade will be intense but natural.

Mixing Lipstick Shades


Let's play. Mixing lipsticks to get the right shade is fun and sometimes throws up unique shades that is just perfect for you and/or your outfit. If you are applying lipstick in the conventional way and not mixing it before applying, a lighter shade or lip gloss to the centre of your lips focuses the eye there and can give you that sexy Hollywood pout. Where time is short a lip brush provides precision outlining your lips as opposed to applying straight from the tube of lipstick.


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