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Dawsons Flowers

This blog is not to brag but to declare that every woman deserves to be delighted by flowers and/or made to feel special. It affirms that someone took the time to think about me which is the most heavenly experience in the world. What woman wouldn't like to receive the freshest and most fragrant bouquet of classic red roses delivered to her desk at work?

No it is not my anniversary, valentines, birthday or any other occasion that might be incomplete without this significant gesture. I received this unexpected bouquet of flowers for no other reason than the words on the card "Why? Just Because". Yep I exhaled too when I read the words.

On days like this, amidst the office politics, sometimes laborious workload or watching others get away with things you never could, I am completely content in my romantic bubble cushioned from the dramas of real life dreamily searching for a romantic thought or memory in each delicate petal.

I derive great pleasure from flowers arriving at my desk. I am not uncomfortable having others exclaim or enquire the reasons why or the cooing from the women and admiration from the men when I declare there is no special occasion. Receiving flowers for no reason at all other than “he wanted to” takes the gift to a whole new level.

While the symbolic history of the rose has been professed as the perfect way to declare feelings of love, passion, or desire - for me, this public display of affection in the absence of any occasion, rhyme or reason grabbed my attention. He hasn't been prompted, prodded or coerced. It was his thoughtfulness behind the gesture that meant the most. It revealed to me that I was simply on his mind, in his thoughts and he took the time to do something he knew would make me happy.

It wouldn’t have mattered if it was a single red rose, had been bought at a petrol station or picked from a field, it was the surprise and better yet that I received this symbol of affection outside of any occasion. It announces I am a significant person who has great value in his life. It really is the thought that counts.

It's not how expensive something is. It's the deed that is so special, or at least it is to me. A woman knows it isn’t easy for a man standing in a florist surrounded by different flowers, colours, heights, blooms, buds and pick out a selection that he thinks you might like. Then there is the daunting task of expressing his sentiments in a few words in his neatest handwriting on the smallest gift card without coming over all “mushy”.

I love receiving flowers at work because Monday to Friday that's where I spend most of my time and where I can most appreciate my fragrant floral symbol of affection. I like taking a minute or two to admire the flowers on my workstation or when others stop to smell or comment on them. There is something to be said for that unique space of floral beauty amongst mounds of paperwork that really puts things into perspective.

Since flowers will eventually die, many people are of the opinion that giving flowers is a lame thing to do. Over the years I have heard it said that Valentines Day was created “just as a way for the government to make money”. I respect that everyone has a right to their own opinion but then my question is what’s the justification, if you know your significant other half loves flowers for not buying and/or giving flowers any other time of the year!

Receiving flowers is delightful because even though the flowers will ultimately die not only will they give such joy and delight in the interim but the memory of your gesture will never fade. Besides the presence and fragrant smell of your floral generosity is a sure fire way to trigger heartfelt thoughts of you - the man - behind my moments of bliss.

Thank you x


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