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Lost Ink Wide Fit White Woven Flat Shoes & Clarks Chinaberry Leopard Court Shoe

I want to reach out and demonstrate how illness, insecurities about my swollen right foot and the obvious distinction from the left, my age or size dictates to me what type of shoes I can and cannot wear. Currently I have no option when I find the correct width and heel height on line but to buy it immediately otherwise they are gone in an instant. I don't have the luxury of sending it in my wish list and sleep on it, because nine times out of ten it will be gone by the morning or indeed even before I have timed out of that session having become side-tracked dealing with something else.

The “Lost Ink” footwear collection state that they "take inspiration from London’s street style and are all about making wearable statement styles - ballet pumps, courts and heeled sandals - all in a wide fit."

I hadn’t heard of this particular brand until I began shopping online at ASOS but knew that if these shoes were comfortable and the definition of a "Wide Fit" was correct for my feet then I would have found another brand that I could reliably source my shoes from in the future. The material for the upper part of the shoe is very important as for those of us who have corns or bunions a soft upper shoe is imperative. Nothing is worse than when you stand, pushing the weight of your body down into the shoe, the upper shoe comes into contact with a corn or bunion and that piercing pain shoot's right through your foot.

It’s lunchtime on 13 July 2017 when I undertake my usual routine of eating at my desk whilst scrolling on-line through my favourite retailers and I spot these White Woven Flat Shoes and the requisite words "Wide Fit" leap off the screen at me. I was struggling to put together my age and size appropriate “Outward Airport Outfit” for my Gibraltar weekend getaway when the ASOS Lost Ink Brand came through for me once again.

I had previously purchased the Lost Ink Wide Fit Woven White trainers (£16.99) and knew that if the faux-leather upper of these shoes mirrored the soft and comfortable uppers of the trainers then I was definitely onto a winner. I hold my breath and click on the size drop down button and there they were Size 8 at £44. I did think they were a bit pricey but the words beside a clock "Low in Stock" meant that others didn't seem to care what the cost was or like me they too had found fashion and comfort all in one. I was picturing in my head the numerous outfits they will go with whilst screaming "chic" and "comfortable". The office phone rang shattering my elation.

  • Faux-leather upper.

  • The lace-up fastening meant that my swollen right foot would be contained and supported.

  • Woven design meant that my feet would remain cool whilst confined.

  • The rounded toe broke the rule about being pointed and thus elongating the body but from this elevated view did not appear too round and stumpy.

  • The stacked heel made for sound support and durability.

  • Caring for them consisted simply of wiping with a damp sponge.

In the time it took for me to complete that telephone call, return to the screen and click on my saved items icon I found to my horror highlighted in neon pink "size/colour out of stock" my heart plummeted before I noticed that my basket had one item in it. Praying I had the foresight to drop it into the basket where ASOS would have kept/reserved the item for an hour I nervously clicked on the basket and there they were, the last pair safe and sound. I still didn't believe that they were mine so I immediately clicked on checkout and sure enough I got the last pair of wide fitting size 8's. With my ASOS Premier Delivery in place I wasted no time in checking out.

Lost Ink White Wovan Wide Fit Shoes

Its 09:30 the following day and the receptionist emailed me to say that I have an ASOS package in reception. I decided to wait until a colleague, who was experiencing terrible problems with her feet and who had encouraged me to buy them arrived at the office before collecting them from reception. When we opened the box my colleague was the first one to squeeze the top and exclaim "oh my word, they are as soft as a baby's bottom". That was my queue to exhale a sigh of relief. I too ran my hands over them and knew instantly the grid pattern was going to be comfortable and more importantly my “Outward Airport Outfit” was complete.

Conclusion: I write this blog today to confirm that the additional grey hairs I acquired on the day of ordering these shoes, was well worth it. I have a comfortable pair of shoes that I can dress up or down giving me an alternative to my white Lost Ink Trainers.


I literally struck gold when I saw this pair of Clarks Chinaberry Leopard Court Shoe on-line at “VERY”. I was very keen to buy these shoes the instant I saw them but the term “Wide Fit” was nowhere to be seen and no size 9 was available. When buying shoes with no strap, I have to buy a 8 E or 8 "wide Fit" as this allows for instant comfort, room for my foot to swell throughout the day and once worn in does not become loose on my feet causing me to crunch my toes to keep them on. In addition my consultant advised that whenever possible I am to have my feet encased in the shoe and/or laced up to give maximum support. On closer inspection I also considered the possibility that it would not be long before my weight and gravity would push my swollen feet towards the upper rim resulting in unsightly bulging over the front section.

HOW WRONG WAS I – Knowing that at a cost of £62 I would immediately return them if they didn’t fit I ordered them on-line from Very. Oh how I wish I had made a YouTube video of my un-boxing! I instantly fell in love with the retro silhouette, squared-off toe, and a chunky block heel and the oversized acrylic trim that added that instant 50’s glam. The width of the shoe convinced me that but for my swollen feet they would be a perfect fit. I tried one on, DVT right foot first and they went on without any wiggling of my heel or forcing of my foot into the shoe. Well if that foot fits my left foot would be a doddle.

Amidst gasps of delight and a chorus of "oh my word they are gorgeous", "They look lovely on you", from my colleagues, I looked down at my feet at these glamorous fifties vibe shoes and ignoring the thick black Asda socks I tried them on with I knew that I had made the right decision. Timeless, sophisticated, stylish, chic, smart, classy need I go on? The Clarks signature padding around the heel and soles of my feet oozed cosiness and comfort. In short they are perfect for me.

Conclusion: If I diligently apply the rules of my YouTube fashion gurus KarenBritChic, Miss Louie, Naomi Boyer and Blush with me-Parmita then imagine a black or brown tote bag; wearing these shoes with little black dress, gold loop earrings and/or gold statement necklace oh and don't forget your black sunglasses for that chic "Jackie O” or “Sophia Loren” celebrity look. How about skinny jeans and my new faux leather Jacket for that fun biker look. Paired with wide legged black trousers or chinos, a crisp white shirt or camisole, black blazer and brown or gold accessories would make for a professional head turner look.


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