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Heels After DVT & Stating the Obvious

DVT & Wearing Heels, ASOS White Mules

It was a rare hot July 2017 Sunday morning. I had just finished my cup of tea on the balcony while the red kidney beans were coming to the boil and I thought might as well do the vacuuming. I bent down to grab the hoover, only to find a Harrods bag with the white mules I had worn last weekend to the Wear Something White or Pastel ball inside. Well, what woman in her right mind goes out without her ballet flats to change into. Suddenly I had a brainstorm! Why not put them on and do my chores?

How many of us have searched for and found YouTube videos about how to wear heels, only to listen to the advice given and never putting it into practice? I know I have. The most common advice on YouTube is that we "wear the shoes around the house". Everyone knows that, I hear you say but how many of us have actually done it? When listening to “how to wear heels" videos they kept on reiterating this point but I kept on listening, expectantly waiting to hear something I never thought of or some miracle "stretch my shoes and make them instantly comfortable" hack. Wearing new shoes around the house was a no brainer and yet I never bothered.

On went, the mules and I began vacuuming the house. I had to be careful when doing the stairs as it was difficult to remain steady on my feet and held onto the banister whenever possible.

Feeling tall and as if I could take on the world I decided to conquer the washing up. As I watched the water slowly running away down the plug hole I wondered why I had never done this before and it came to me. My shoes are normally upstairs in my bedroom either in the wardrobe or still in the box waiting for the event to come around. Then the event comes around and the first thing that runs through my mind before I put on the shoes is "why oh why didn't I wear them in before tonight"? I will tell you why because as in the examples of the lip pencils or the expensive T444Z Hair Food outlined below it's simply a case of "out of sight - out of mind".

If the items we purchase are not to hand, we won't use it and in some cases make duplicate purchases because we aren't certain whether we have it or not. For example:

  • This morning while shuffling things around in an attempt to make space on my dresser I find a tub of T444Z Hair Food. Not only do I recall how expensive it was (£14.99) but the indented finger swipes once I removed the lid demonstrates that I did use it regularly. Yet if asked what I used to re-grow my front hairline, without a second thought I would say "the black castor oil". No thought or reference would be made to the part T444Z played in that regrowth process. Clearly, when I was on a hype and prepared to do anything to restore my hairline regrowth I had placed the tub within easy reach where I could use it when I woke up and again before I went to bed at night; or

  • Having decided upon a shade of lipstick, I just need to grab a lip pencil in a complimenting shade. I know I have invested in every colour lip pencil NYX has ever made but I hardly ever used them. Why you may ask? Because in a futile attempt to keep my room tidy I stockpiled them away at the back of some IKEA storage unit and can never be bothered whenever I needed one to drag out the box move everything else in front of it to one side, take out the container full of pencils, select the shade I need before using it. Firstly, I am usually in a rush and I don't mind telling you, outlining my mature lips these days takes a steady hand and a little more time. Secondly, I have to go through the whole damn process to put the pencil back once I am finished so that I know where to find it when I want to use it the next time.

CONCLUSION: It's 12:13 and I have just kicked off my mules. The combination of heels and pressure applied when making dumplings for my son meant that the water and flour became a ball of dough in record time. I have just popped upstairs to run a hot bath, get ready for brunch and update my blog.

Well after completing my chores and more importantly feeling sexy while doing so I can report that the experiment was a complete success. I didn't feel or remember that I had the heels on and the occasions I did, I didn't want to take them off. I think wearing heels in the comfort of my home means psychologically I feel safe and uninhibited. After all, who is going to see me? I don't have to walk tall and elegant just wear them in and I can kick them off whenever I want and flop onto my bed or the sofa, take a break and slip them on again. Today I realised the huge impact little things can have, Makeup gurus are always telling us about the importance of a good foundation i.e. moisturising your face and in most cases priming before applying makeup. Style advisers reiterate the importance of a good foundation in the form of Spanx or body support etc. to streamline your body shape. The same basic rules of prepping apply when dressing our feet.

My mules are now where I cannot fail to catch sight of them until our encounter at the same time next week. In the comfort of my home I will repeat the process every Sunday, until I stretch and comfortably mould them to my feet.


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