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ASOS Afro Hair & Beauty 2018 Live Outfit


The sun is shining, the Chelsea Flower Show medals have been awarded and a sweltering end of May Bank Holiday weekend is forecast for the Afro Hair & Beauty 2018 Live Show that is in town. What more incentive do I need to come out of hibernation, discard heavy materials, ostracise all dark colours to the back of the wardrobe and shout to the world “SPRING IT ON”!!!!!.

Now while I welcome the hotter weather this mature, plus sized, post-DVT woman has to contend with swollen feet, hot flushes, hay fever, battle with an oil slicked T-Zone, exchange winter shades for pastel coloured lip-stain, Matte lipstick or lip gloss, source fashionable, breathable materials, swap from a matte to a dewy foundation or coloured moisturiser, wear a skirt or dress that doesn't result in chaffed thighs - to name but a phew!!!

In the past I stifled my fashion imagination with ideas of what in my mind’s eye I thought of as “age/body appropriate” and would never comprehend pairing sneakers/plimsolls with an outfit. Well 2018 has seen this mother and grandmother with the encouraging force of my subscribers, confidently jump on the “wearing sneakers” trend that became huge back in 2016 and has stuck around to this day.

Thankfully my lifelong friend Frances, has secured me a ticket to this annual bonanza that is seen by so many as the catwalk of the hair industry. To comfortably walk around viewing new hair designs I will try and emulate and peek at hair and beauty products I for one will be itching to get my hands on, I need a chic, relaxed outfit that transitions easily from (a) being on my feet for many hours during the day into (b) one of the many Islington restaurants for a long overdue girly catch up and bite to eat, at night.

ASOS DISCOVERY Bow Platform Plimsolls

ASOS DISCOVERY Bow Platform Plimsolls £25.00

I opted for a pretty pair of white, comfortable, trendy, ageless, wide fitting, affordable, easy to maintain, Faux-leather platform sole slip-ons with bow detail to wrap this look around. These plimsolls are so far removed from my safe everyday Black with a slim white sole trainer shoe. “White?” I hear you scream in mock horror and “what about the scuff marks”? “Yes” I reply as these low maintenance plimsolls just need a quick wipe with a damp cloth before returning them to the protective shoe box. The phrase “Happy Feet” spring to mind as the elasticated inserts mean they “slip-on” to my post-DVT swollen right foot with ease and guarantee to unleash the spring in my mature yet stable step.

These hybrid plimsolls transcend seamlessly into any look, be it a sporty casual vibe, or tapered trouser/Chino for dress down Fridays at the office. Throwing on a single breasted Blazer over a white T-Shirt or white button down and a pair of jeans is another way of switching up this look.

ASOS DESIGN Curve Tionne High Waist Trouser


Show a bit of ankle” the YouTube gurus say. Slip-on trainers/plimsolls are usually cut a bit lower on the foot giving the illusion of an extended ankle, doubled with the platform sole (The platform imitates a heel and every girl knows that there is something about a heel that lifts you up, elevates your outfit and help you look that much cuter. These 100% cotton trousers are listed as “navy”. That is incorrect. They were delivered today and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are “black” which is exactly what I was hoping for. I was about to purchase my “recommended size” when the prominent rounded stomach of the model prompted me to zoom in to reveal buttons bursting at the around the models belly with every nook and cranny on display. The cut of the trousers was perfect to balance my silhouette but the fit on the model was not what I was looking for. I did not want visible indentations at the top of my thighs and immediately decided to upsize. That aside the cotton, cropped, lightweight, wide-legged, high-waist trousers delivered to me today fit like a dream. My hands slide easily in and out of the functional pockets on the thighs giving me easy access to my mobile phone while out and about at the Afro Hair Show.

ASOS DESIGN Curve off shoulder top in lemon spot print

ASOS DESIGN Curve off shoulder top in lemon spot print A soft feminine top 100% viscose, Cute on trend off the shoulder top that is not only comfortable, but soft and a good fit. When I raise my hands the shoulders do not ride up.

”. As a the final touch I will throw on my gelsThe cut and texture of each item is pretty simple on their own so when you combine them all together it “New Look Black Leather Look Jacket (£17!!!!), has featured heavily in previous blogs/look-books giving additional structure and rocky edge to an otherwise comfortable summery, polished, all-day comfortable outfit.

ACCESSORIES - Stylists advise that I accessorise my outfit with tones that match the plimsolls or compliments it, so that wearing the trainer/sneakers/plimsolls in your outfit doesn’t appear an afterthought, but looks deliberate and pulled together.

ASOS Gold Disc and Knot Bar Multi-row Necklace £8.00 - was sold out within a day but for my neck I had to add a gold chain extension from E-Bay.

ASOS Nylon White Tassel Earrings £7 - These fitted in with the theme i.e. white with gold contrasting jewellery and look fun and whimsical.

New Look White & Gold Trim Hatch Backpack £18.00 (reduced from £25.99) - I think this street style inspired structured rucksack with gold accent jewellery, gives the look a refined, upscale, fabulously edgy vibe.

My quest to weed out one off unique pieces that stand out from the crowd goes on. I am on the hunt for key items that create a flattering illusion and begs the question “where did you get that from”, or “I wish they didn’t only make that in a plus size”. Not everyone has the time each day to troll the internet to find those rare finds that are plus size, limited stock and sold out in a day. Frustratingly, ASOS is one such on-line retailer that I check daily as I never know when my wish list items are on sale with the lower price expiring within 24 hours! Equally I have revisited retailers like Evans, Dorothy Perkins or New Look that I may have historically given up on and found some beautiful wide fitting low/mid heeled shoes.

New Look Pink Suedette Bow Front Pointed Kitten Heels £22.99

New Look Pink Suedette Bow Front Pointed Kitten Heels £22.99 (Size 9) – I spotted these at the beginning of the month. I knew that the narrow toe meant that my post-DVT right foot would require a 9 but alas only size 8 was left. Sighing despondently I dropped the size 8 into my wish list and forgot about it. As aforementioned during my daily troll of the internet, on 11 May 2018, for Size 9 low heeled shoes to wear to a Boat Dance on the Thames or Wear Something Pastel Ball end of June, these adorable shoes appeared on the screen as an option in size 9. I clicked on the link and saw that there were only 4 size nines left in stock. Well, three now because as you can see mine have been delivered and are on my feet.

NAIL THAT LOOK – This was my outfit for my fortnightly visit to Kimberley Nails. ASOS CURVE Pink High Waist Tapered Trousers (6% Elastane) – These trousers were very comfortable

Nail that look

my only complaint is that I didn’t notice before purchasing that the zip was on the side. I find it difficult to reach across and zip it up but well worth it not only for the fit but that cute split at the ankles ASOS CURVE Floaty Blouse in Mint Floral with Neck Band (£14) reduced from £36 (purchased) 23.07.17) – This floaty blouse is a head turner and commands compliments whenever I wear it. ASOS Pale Blue Slingback Kitten Heels £25 (Size 9) – Have I mentioned the word comfort in this blog. Oh I have. Enough Said!

Le Meridian

SOCIETY BALL FEEDBACK: Let me address the elephant in this blog and give you my feedback on the highly anticipated self-proclaimed 7 Star Society Ball. Well where do I start with the positives or the negatives? Best to be fair, short and sweet. The Platinum tickets cost us £75. As can be seen from the pictures above, the venue, Le Meridian was spectacular, the entertainment was excellent the quality of the food was also first-rate.

My concerns began when I was asked to select my dishes from the menu and noticed that there was only one choice for starters, soup! I was willing to overlook that as the main point of my evening was a fun filled memory creating time with family and friends. No sooner had I began taking photographs and videoing the musician playing the harp, for you my subscribers, when my lense became fixated on catering staff with huge laundry/shopping bags walking through reception and the elegantly dressed guests. The canapes served were first class as can be seen from the photos, deconstructed/posh traditional West Indian favourites, all served with a smile. Once we were seated and the soup served we were told “we have run out of bread rolls”! I remember thinking “I am so done”!! Then after begging for napkins, an item deemed standard at any table a student ran to the kitchen and placed a bundle in the middle of the table. This was followed by nearly an hour of very good entertainment before the main was placed in front of us by bungling students imitating waiters. Their inexperience was further underscored by a woman with a clip board that had our names on but who hadn’t a clue which guest was meant to eat what and wasn’t too bothered either way. The calamities peaked when the master of ceremonies announced that the tables at the back of the hall were going to be removed and the dance floor opened and the guests screamed “we haven’t had desert yet”! We were eventually served desert at 22:10, and yes I checked my phone as I had all but forgotten about it. Despite all of that I was pleasantly surprised as the DJ rocked us into the early hours.

CONCLUSION: The above experience will not put me off attending such functions as this is the first and hopefully the last time my friends and I will encounter such an evening. Needless to say the christening the following day obliterated certain aspects of the night before.

Tomorrow, I can't wait to be up bright and early using my Colourpop Shayla’s Perception Make-up Palette for the first time to get ready for my first visit to the Afro Hair & Beauty 2018 Live Show. These days a makeup palette has to be so distinct and different from any other palette I have, good colour pay off, little or no fall-out and affordable before I splurge otherwise I use the palettes I already own to replicate any look. I will be vloging and taking many photos to share with you in my next blog. Enjoy the sunshine wherever you can get it and see you on the other side of this end of May Bank Holiday Weekend. X


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