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Workday Speedy Makeup Tutorial

Firstly can I express how nervous I was about making the video that accompanies this blog (scroll down on the main website page below my previous blogs to "Workday Makeup Tutorial" to view or other videos on YouTube @ VincentionLady). Initially the thought of recording myself pulling funny faces and/or expressions all in the name of makeup filled me with dread. Then I had a conflicting thought and hoped that I had already opened myself up to you through my blogs. The interaction and support since publishing my first blog Heels After DVT and Stating the Obvious on July 21 2017 has been both positive and humbling. Pushing all of my initial reservations aside and accepting that I will never rival any YouTube makeup guru, I persevered this past weekend, through the sometimes gruelling learning process of how to edit videos etc to produce my first makeup tutorial to supplement this blog.. Besides everyone has to start somewhere - I simply had to start!

Firstly, this routine would not have been possible without watching my YouTube makeup gurus over the past 2 years. I have attempted to meshed together everything I had learnt with my love of makeup, lack of time first thing in the mornings, fine lines and determination to look my best at 55. This time saving goofproof routine negates the need for me to apply foundation or makeup products down my neck and came up with what, for me, is a time saving goofproof routine.

Like all of those women who have over time accumulated different foundations, moisturisers, powders, eyeshadows, blushers, lipsticks, glosses etc, my aim is to create looks or duplicate makeup tutorials USING WHAT I HAVE. This may mean resurrecting such brands as Avon or Wet N Wild, Ponds, Astral. Unless it is the holy grail of palettes or makeup I have no inclination to purchase every new eyeshadow palette and leave that task to my YouTube makeup gurus without whose expert reviews and tutorials I could not live without.

ASDA 4 Drawer Storage Unit

Storage Units: These inexpensive Asda Small 4 Drawer Storage units (£7) have provided valuable time saving storage space. I am able to keep surfaces clear to work on and my bedroom tidy.

The bottom drawer (the blog cover photo) is known as my "Go to everyday drawer" with everything in it to hand that I require 5 days a week to get ready quickly for work.

3 Steps in 1 - I use the lid of a compact powder unit (any surplus plastic lid will suffice) in which I place one pump of Foundation (currently The Ordinary - Shade 3.1Y), my moisturiser and a small amount of powder (one way not to fix or waste a favourite broken compact). Using a paint brush (£1 a set from pound shop) I mix all three together forming a paste. Now this is for me three stages completed in one.

Foundation, Moisturiser and Powder mixture

Also I find that the powder turns my foundation into a thick paste providing full coverage with the minimum of products. Clean the paint brush by pasting the mixture on your face. Then using your foundation brush pick up the remaining mixture from the lid and apply evenly all over your face (see Workday Makeup Tutorial video).

T-ZONE - In the video I amusing a Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush (£7.99 from E-Bay) and a lighter compact or loose power that will give the illusion of having used a concealer to brighten under the eye and give further oil control to my dreaded oily T-zone. L.A. Colours Mineral Pressed Powder MP312 Toffee. I remember buying this from the States before delivery to the UK was very expensive and in some cases not possible. As you can see, I have as they say on YouTube, "hit pan". I pick up the product on the brush and press it into the skin under my eye blurring those fine lines. I am blowing out my cheeks like a puffer fish to get the powder into those deepening laugh lines. I apply this powder liberally to my nose minimising the likelihood of being detected by a satellite whenever I get shiny.

MAC Dark Deep & Real Techniques Powder Brush

MAC Dark Deep Mineralize Skinfinish & Real Techniques Large Powder Brush - Like a lot of women I tried to stay away from the hype and expense of "MAC" but after my daughters introduced me to the brand I have come to appreciate that there are certain items where "Once you've gone MAC you can’t go Back". Without a doubt this is one product I cannot live without and is a staple in my makeup kit. For overall natural looking coverage to carry around in your handbag there is nothing to beat it hands down. Using a large powder brush I apply this to the outer periphery of my face staying away from the T-Zone.

Makeup Geek Deal Breaker

Make-up Geek Deal Breaker & Real Techniques Blush Brush - We are going to contour or as the gurus say "put some colour/shadow back into your face". Lightly brush your cheek bones, forehead and temples, and just under your bottom lip.

Get those Brows on Fleek - There are numerous eyebrow wands available on the market that allow you to darken your eyebrows while brushing them into shape at the same time. I have a few from Superdrug also a sample from the Brow Bar - today I opted for Maybelline Brow Drama in Deep Brown. This process requires a very light hand. As the gurus say “it is easier to build up than to remove”. If, like me in the video you have one eyebrow darker than the other a trusted Q-tip will suffice or alternatively let the eyebrow product dry and go in with a clean eyebrow brush and remove any excess. This will enable you to tone down the depth of colour giving a more natural look. I don't have the time tor expertise to draw on my eyebrows.

Highlighting (Optional) - Sleek Rose Gold Blush - Royal Techniques Contour

Sleek Rose Gold Blush & Real Techniques Blush Brush

Brush - This particular blush I use as a "discreet highlighter". Using a very light touch unless you want to

Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray

Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray - I have accumulated both "high end" and "drugstore" brands of fixing spray. Revolution Oil Control Fixing spray is a favourite of mine not because of the price (£5 in Superdrug) but simply because for my oily skin IT WORKS!!!!!! The price is simply an added bonus. I have also found that Rose Water (£1 bottle from ASDA) kept in an empty spray bottle in the fridge is the next best thing to a setting spray especially when I am flustered having bent over to put my shoes on. Nothing cools me down or is more refreshing than a quick squirt of ice cold Rosewater straight from the fridge before I rush out the door.

Lipstick - Colourpop Tulle 6801 is my lippy of choice today. Not only does it dry mat without drying out the lip but you can add a little lip gloss to the centre of your top and bottom

Colourpop Tulle 6801

lip without the original lipstick moving. I have also found that using the applicator provided means that I do not have to outline my lip with a lip pencil and as this is meant to be a quick everyday process, that works for me. As you can see from my lipstick box, I have various shades for every season from Colourpop and they have never let me down, With the sun shining one day and it rainy dark and cold the next it is just as well. Also I don't need to keep buying new shades unless they are so unique that I have to have them.

Black Flannel 2 for £1 from ASDA

Blotting - Black Flannel (£1 for 2 from Asda) - For those of us that have an oily T-Zone we don’t usually need a mirror to tell us that it’s time to blot. For me seeing the side of my nose from the corner of my eye shining like a beacon is a clear indication. Please avoid the temptation to use tissue in public to blot unless you have a mirror. I arrived at the office last week, had my coffee and settled down before a colleague told me I had a bit of tissue stuck on my forehead!!! Not everyone wants the attention that taking out a mirror on public transport seems to attract. Phrases like "don’t you have a mirror in your home" or "get up early and do this S...." are all too common on the bus where one passenger whilst putting on her makeup is nudging the passenger beside her. To avoid this kind of drama I carry around in my handbag a black flannel which I fold or roll up and use to blot my T-Zone discretely, fold inwardly and replace in my bag without the fear of anything being left on my face.

Inside Using 40 Watt Bulg



CONCLUSION: Have fun with your makeup yes I know I put some of my Colourpop lipstick on my tearduct. That was to give the illusion that I had applied colour to my eyelid. Together let us try and recycle what we have, fuel each other, learn from each other and more importantly have fun together. Until next time x


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